14 October 2015

Today's Favourite Headline: "The Light of Israel is Defeating the Forces of Darkness"

Finally! A headline that makes me smile instead of wonder what the world is coming to. Instead of talking about Hamas or the Islamic State or threats made against the governments of European and other non-Muslim countries, today I'd like to talk about what's right in the world: "The Light of Israel is Defeating the Forces of Darkness" as the website United with Israel reports. What a joy to read those words!

The article (from exactly a year ago) reads like an advertisement for Israeli technology and innovation, showing the world that Israel, unlike the terrorists in neighbouring Gaza and Syria, is more interested in technological advancement and helping the world than wasting time on rape, murder, rocket attacks and destruction.

"On the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah (Rejoicing of the Law) we read how the universe was created – starting with the four words “Let there be light”. Today, Israeli solar energy projects light up countless homes. However, the Jewish State also has found another way to illuminate millions of lives – by removing the darkness itself."

Reading to the end of the article (if I wasn't pro-Israel already I would be now...) one finds out the article is actually meant to be an advertisement in its own way - it comes from the blog of Michael Ordman who writes a free weekly newsletter containing positive news stories about Israel. With all the bad press Israel gets from the world's media, writing positive stories about Israel sounds like a pretty amazing idea! Check out the United with Israel story or read the article on the Very Good News Israel blog by Michael Ordman.